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GROWMODE LTD, manufacture and develop automatic growing systems for research plants (such as Arabidopsis), specially for research labs, institutes, factories and Agricultoral test.

The company has a special device for growing Arabidopsis fully automatic in large quantities under unique and flexible conditions that can be changed by the developer.

The Growmode system was developed in order to replace the use of expensive climate cabinets, when it is needed in great mass plants grow.
Its also used for growing a wide branch of plants such as Tobacco and Corn.
The Growmode can be operated by a controller with a touch screen, or by a main computer with software.

GROWMODE LTD, has a dinamic young management and R&D team, that gives answers to the great difficulties of growing plants under lab conditions, and producing it at mass productions.

The team is managed by:

Mr. Moshe Hashpia, Co-Founder and Managing Director - Mr. Hashpia brings vast managerial skills to the Company. He currently owns two companies namely ‘Yuval importing & marketing lab equipment Ltd’ (Yuval…n) and ‘M, Poraz 2002 Ltd’ (‘Poraz..’). ‘Yuval…’ represents Dutch and German companies in Israel and imports laboratory equipment. Poraz… provides technical, medical and industrial supplies and accumulated vast experience in the designing, developing and building of laboratories and animals facilities. Mr. Hashpia served in the Israeli Defense Forces and was instrumental in the design and development of electronic and hydraulic systems of heavy vehicles. Mr. Hashpia holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

Tel. +972-3-5345644, Fax. +972-3-5345633, Mobile: +972-545-548771
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