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The Growmode solution was developed especially to give the research plant all its requirements during the growth cycle, particularly on a large scale. Moreover, the system enables the scientist maximum flexibility for researching plant growth cycle processes by adjusting climate parameters.The Growmode achieves optimal growth conditions in a fully automated manner.

The system has many advantages compared to the widespread climate cabinets currently used for large research areas. In addition to all the similar properties to the climate cabinets, the Growmode provides full control of the plant growth stages at the lab and or at remote locations. The system has full control of the irrigation cycle and the irrigation material (with or without fertilizers), on each shelf. The Growmode is built for mass growth and includes many accessory systems that increase the various options of nutritional supplies and safety.

The Growmode properties:

  1. A unique irrigation system (via absorption) that repels insects and allows for optimal growth conditions.
  2. Minimal maintenance due to many novel solutions and unique patents applied to the system.
  3. Quick assembly of the system at the customer facility (less than one hour) due to its modular structure.

  1. High cost-effective system (1:12 ratio compared to the climate cabinets).
  2. Fast, reproducible results, due to the use of optimal growth conditions according to the parameters required by research plant facilities.
  3. Wide range of temperature control from +4ºC to +60ºC optional..
  4. Large growing area up to 10 squared meters per unit.

  1. Adjustable illumination system, located above the growing area for optimal light uniformity. Optional 2 UV lamps above each shelf.

  1. Fully automated by means of controlling of either the growth cycle or the immediate stage of plant development.

  1. Universal design that covers a wide array of scientific demands in plants study
  2. Supplying a compact array (as many Growmode systems as required) arranged stacked on levels.

  1. Full control of a single system or a multiple number of Growmode systems, by using a
    main computer and the supplied software, allowing the adjustment on a variety of parameters.

  1. Illumination and irrigation systems can be adjusted to day and night cycles (temperature and humidity control is an option).
  2. A cooling system that is CFC free.
  3. An air circulation system controlled by vent speed imitating natural wind motion.

  1. A variety of optional systems such as: water supply system to a mass growth facility, air temperature and humidity measurements, a cabin with doors for sealing the Growmode, isolating it from the surroundings thus creating an hermetic system (temperature + humidity + CO2 control).
  2. A float sensor that detects water leaks, and signals the control system to shut the water supply.