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La Structure du Growmode :

The Growmode system was built for endurance. The structural materials were chosen to give mechanical strength and stability against extreme environmental conditions.

1.The column structure:

The cover is made from 1 mm. steel, coated with oven-tempered powder color. The paint is off-white (ral 9002) and blue (ral 5010). The inner modules are made of water-resistant materials such as stainless steel, PVC, and nylon.

The column consists of parts such as: a computerized touch-pad control, electricity board, water tank, solenoid valves, PVC manifold, silent air vents and air-regulation shutters. The inner module is adjusted in the column core and is hidden from the user. Only the controller screen is visible. The column has two service doors that allow quick approach to the inner systems.

Inside the column is an adjustable water accumulation system with high pressure pumps that inject the waste water outside the column (allows flexibility in positioning the Growmode at any place).

The column reaches the customer assembled and ready to be adjusted to the growth trolleys. The column is manufactured as a narrow profile and takes up little space. The column is adjusted by four high adjustable supports.

2.The growth trolleys:

Each column can control two trolleys.

The trolleys are made from #304 polished stainless steel.

The modular structure allows for a quick mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic assembly (with easy connections).

The growth shelves are produced in the shape of an absorption bath with a stainless steel net that is used as a growth platform, and spreads the irrigation water absorbed by the plant.

The trolley is usually supplied with three growth platforms (shelves), but its modular design allows changing the number of shelves and the space between them. Each trolley can hold up to five shelves.

By changing the height between the shelves, the distance from the illumination source can be adjusted as well. Changing the illumination intensity allows control of plant growth.

A unique illumination system is adjusted above each shelf, enabling control on the light intensity, from twilight and sunshine, from complete darkness to maximum daylight.

This system provides full flexibility to the researcher. Each set of illumination set adjusts with up to five double Fluara 36w fluorescents. As an option, a UV-B fluorescent bulb can be adjusted or added to the illumination system, thus allowing the use of the entire range of the light spectrum for natural growth.

3. Control system:

  • The Growmode has a special control system managed by a Vision 280 controller, planed and programmed by the most advanced technology available today.
  • Through the controller, the scientist controls all of the Growmode options needed for modern plant research (Arabidopsis as well as other plants).
  • The controller has a variety of functions to carry out the growth cycle in any combination required by the researcher.
  • Every sequence programmed into the controller can repeat itself in a daily cycle or longer.
  • The controller allows for immediate intervention and at the same time without interference to the growth cycle.
  • As an option, the controller can be programmed with a safety password allowing system access to authorized personnel only.
  • An additional option allows a modem to be fit with the controller for remote access. By that, the researcher can identify failures in the system, solve them and to give instructions by remote control to the Growmode.
  • The Growmode controller can be wired with one or more adjacent systems.

At the end of each column of the Growmode system, the computer and software can be adjusted transferring data to the main computer and back.

4. Airflow system:

  • The simple first-rate airflow system can be upgraded with additional parts.
  • The system is equipped with two 10" diameter, high efficiency bellows that minimize the noise.
  • The bellows vacuum air. There are special registers mounted inside the column next to each shelf. The registers are tuned to monitor and supply the amount of air required by the growing plant. Excess air is expelled through the column roof to the outside.
  • The air is drawn through the plant (not pushed). This method makes the air flow homogeneous through the growing plant.
  • Air intensity can be adjusted by the controller to 0%, 50%, and 100% (the control is on the vents. After the vent is adjusted, the specified shelf can be attuned by the registers). As an option, each of the two bellows has a five speed control (ten steps overall).
  • The bellows adjustments are on the column roof plate, as a safety measure for the people handling the Growmode vents.

5. Water irrigation system:

  • Growmode uses a unique irrigation system developed especially to grow research plants in an absorption platform. The plant absorbs water by the roots.

This method eliminates almost all harmful insects found in agriculture.

  • The water system can supply plain water or water containing fertilizer for the researcher's choice.
  • The special structure of the water supply irrigates each plant platform in the unit in an irrigation cycle programmed in advance by the controller.

  • Each platform can be irrigated manually at the unit location or by remote computer.
  • The feeding and draining of the growth platform are mounted at the same entrance. This solves the problem of dirt and sand plugging the pipes.
  • Water flows through a strainer inside the platform. Each flow cleans the strainer from the dirt left from the last draining cycle. This allows for more time between platforms cleanings (several months).
  • A powerful water pumping system sucks the water from the growth platforms and injects it into an accumulation tank. The tank is level-controlled. When the water fills the tank, a special pump ejects it outside the column. This system allows flexibility for mount the Growmode according to the researcher's preferences.

6. Illumination system:

  • Optimal lighting conditions provide solutions to minimize growing problems. The lamps are mounted above the plants' growing platforms.
  • The lamps produce heat. By combining the illumination system with the airflow system, the heat is transferred outside the Growmode and the plant is not affected or harmed.
  • The Growmode system is lighted by Fluara florescent daylight. Optional UV-B florescent lamps are available. All can be adjusted above each growth platform.
  • Other lamps with different light intensities can be supplied on demand.
  • The lamps are Fluara type, which gives a wide light spectrum simulating nearly 100% of the natural sunlight.
  • The lamps have an inside reflector that focuses the light and intensifies it.

  • The lamp housing is made of a special water-resistant plastic (IP65).
  • Multiple lamp housings can be stacked above the growth platform (up to 10 lamps), intensifying the light.
  • The controller is programmed to control each double lamp. This allows control for a day and night cycle with sunlight and dimming. Another option are controlled UV-B lamps. 6 Fluara lamps are usually mounted for Arabidopsis.

  • The light flow can be adjusted and calibrated to the plants by turning the lamp housing.